Hello, World!

We've done it! Thank you to everyone who helped to make this reprint a reality, Turin Market will now be heading to the presses. 

If you didn't get in on the pre-order, you can still buy a copy of the game soon after they are delivered to supporters in early August! 

For any questions please email talk@jordandraper.com

Turin Reprint Thumb.jpg

Turin Market is making a come back with new and improved component upgrades:

- All mini sized cards are now bridge sized 310gsm linen!

- The game now comes with die cut goods chits, to mark who the current leader of each good type is between rounds.

- The wooden Scudo is back, with more pieces, and upgraded to a grained wood instead of particle board.

- The box will feature a SPOT UV finish and is the first to be printed in the new standardized small size box for convenient transport!

For more information on Turin Market, head to the original game page on our website, or the BGG page.


Goodies-01 copy.png
Card Size Upgrade-02.png