Import / Export Tokyo Expansion


Import / Export Tokyo Expansion


Add some Japanese flare to Import / Export with the Tokyo Expansion! 

Includes 10 unique Japanese themed cards, and 1 Port of Tokyo that allows players to purchase contracts from the Supply.

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Add 10 unique Japanese cards and 1 giant Port of Tokyo to Import / Export with the Tokyo Expansion

These cards all contain mixed good types, adding a variety to the global shipping market. 

The cards and their powers include:

  • JIDOHANBAIKI: You may take 2 credits in place of taking a draw action when you lead
  • CUP OF NOODLE: When completed take all agriculture goods from the Port of Tokyo into your hand
  • YAKUZA PAINTING: If you have a consumer good, draw 5 cards. If you have a tech good, take 4 credits
  • CHOPSTICKS: You may now use the import action to contract or load instead of importing
  • WATER NOTEPAD: Your ships at sea are now immune to pirate, including from yourself
  • TOTO TOILETS: You no longer have to pay to contract cards from the Port of Tokyo
  • SQUID JERKY: When completed, swap Squid Jerky with a card in the left column of the Port of Tokyo
  • HENTAI MANGA: You may put your completed illegal shipments into your Imports or Goods
  • TOYOTA: Your ships are super fast. Draw 3 cards when they return to harbor
  • SUSHI KNIVES: You may discard 4 luxury containers from your hand at any time to take 2 credits

For more information and the rule sheet to the Tokyo Expansion, visit the Import / Export page of our website