Import / Export Jutaku Expansion


Import / Export Jutaku Expansion


These 10 promotional cards released with the Jutaku Kickstarter campaign add mixed good types and very unique powers

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Add 10 unique contracts to your game with the Jutaku Expansion cards

These cards all contain mixed good types, adding a variety to the global shipping market. 

The cards and their powers include:

  • RICE COOKERS: You may lead and follow contract actions and load actions interchangeably 
  • LED LIGHTS: On your turn, you may swap 2 cards in your hand for 1 on the Supply Island
  • OYSTERS: You may contract luxury shipments for free at any time
  • WHOLE WHEAT: You may take 2 credits or draw 2 cards whenever an agriculture container is loaded
  • STEM CELLS: When you pirate, you may pay 2 credits to keep the container as a good
  • GRAPHICS CARDS: If at any point you have the most of 4 good types, you win immediately
  • APPLE WATCH: Every pair of luxury and consumer goods you have are worth 6 extra credits
  • CHEAP SHIRTS: At game end move all of your imports to your goods
  • DYSON VACUUMS: All player give you their entire hand or a luxury good
  • POCKY: Take 2 credits, draw 2 cards, and import 1 card immediately 

For an in-depth ruling of the card powers, please refer to the PDF rulebook available on our website.