Import / Export Capital Expansion


Import / Export Capital Expansion


The Capital Expansion adds 15 new cards, a new action, a new good type, new rules, and very unique powers that benefit players in new ways!

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Add a new action, a new good type, new rules, and incredibly unique new powers with the Capital Expansion!

The 15 Capital cards and their powers include:

  • AUTOMATION: When completed, load onto a ship & continue this process when that ship ships
  • GPS: Load on a ship. If GPS is the last container on a ship at sea return it to harbor
  • SOLAR PANELS: Pay 2 credits to the bank and move to your goods when completed
  • MARKETING DATA: All players give you 2 cards, then discard Marketing Data
  • DIESEL ENGINES: When completed, immediately turn Diesel Engines sideways and use once as a ship
  • CHEAP LABOR: Load Cheap Labor onto any of your ships in harbor, even if they have no contract
  • THE ALGORITHM: Add to your Imports or load onto a valid ship when completed
  • EXPORT TAX: All players, excluding you, pay 4 credits to the bank if possible. Discard Export Tax
  • EUROS: Place Euros on any ship at sea
  • US DOLLARS: Add to shipments. May be discarded at any time for use as a virtual Import of any type
  • YEN: Permanently tuck Yen under one of your ships, it now has 1 less load requirement
  • CONTAINER PLANT: May be placed into Imports, Shipments, Goods, loaded, or returned to your hand
  • PARTNERSHIP: Must be contracted onto two ships at once, double payout for shipments on the ship
  • INVESTMENT: All players give you a good of their choice
  • IMPROBABILITY: If you have 1 of every color in your Imports, Shipments, & Goods you win

For more information and the rule sheet to the Capital Expansion, visit the Import / Export page of our website