The future of technology

Do you ever feel like you're part of something larger than you can explain? Or maybe lost in a digital (or physical) maze that you can't quite make sense of? 

Today I've been feeling this and more, exploring something called the Internet for the future of itself. As designers we're given the freedom to script our own aesthetic and reality, which of course begs the question of, what is reality? And can we live or perhaps already be living in one we mold to our personal liking?

From the influence of 'The Robotics Network' ( and 'Stranger Things' ( I've been intrigued and delighted to be alive in such an unsure and developing time. As I push on a flat nothing with light coming out of it, my brain is stimulated at synthetic lines and curves that form themselves into the holistic ideas in my brain, I am elated.

Real power is the ability to dream, and then live in that dream. Let us forever be creative. 

 Credit: pressureappreciation

Credit: pressureappreciation