The Community - The Geek

One of the reasons that we love boardgames so much is because of the community that surrounds them. There is such a great number of interactions that you can have with people from this community. Go to any boardgame show, shop, or event, and you will find hundreds of people ready to make an instant friend around the tabletop. That is hard to find other places. On top of all of the friendships that come with board gaming, it is awesome to see all the creativity that comes from the community as well. Being a game designer and publisher, it is great to see constant content from the community. Even our own games have new variants or new pieces created by awesome people just days after launch. 

In the past, Dark Flight has been a sort of black box (haha), we would develop games and then playtest them with people around us, like friends, family, people in Salt Lake, or to a select few people that had helped us with products in the past. We want to be more open in our development now and get feedback from everybody. We want to play games with as many people as we can from the community, so if you haven't yet, take look over at our Join page to sign up for beta testing any of our upcoming products!

As always don't hesitate to reach out to us anywhere you might see us, whether that be the the Geek, a Show, or any of our channels like Facebook, Instagram, or even here at our website.