Sharing your work with the international community

I love to travel. In fact, I feel fairly confident/ashamed/weirded out to say that I have spent around half of my disposable income traveling over past 4 years. Two of the three games I have released were themed around experiences I had out of the country. One of the hardest things about visiting other countries and cultures is the language. How can I connect with the locals, make fun of my friends, or play games if I can't even say "What do you mean I'm too skinny!?" (this happens quite often unfortunately). Luckily for me, I have many multilingual friends who are very interested and appreciative of the work that comes out of Dark Flight. From this I always find a drive to deliver our games in other languages.

Over the course of two Kickstarter campaigns, we have been very fortunate to have our games translated into 4 languages with more on the way. Most of these translations are done for free, out of a passion to spread the game to the translators local community, or at most for a free copy of the game (which is still a bad deal for the translator). I recently had the pleasure of meeting a new friend through Kickstarter, living in Australia, who translated the rules for Turin Market out of a love for the game. This sincerely means a lot. In answer, we are just as committed to spreading our games to an international audience, and if you are interested enough to be reading our blog (thank you friend), simply send us a message with a requested translated language for any of our games and we will make it happen. What's that you say, you're already bi/tri/quadra lingual and you would like to translate for us?! You will be forever enshrined on our list of "perfect people" and betrothed with future gifts from Dark Flight. You will most certainly have our gratitude and a shout out with any future reprints.

If you want to see some of the other languages that our games are in, head over to or follow the links there on our game pages, peruse to the files section on the game page, and click on some things.

On a related note, our new game 'Made In Merica' (ok it's actually Made In America) will feature six full blown translations on every single card! This will make it easier to play the game in Japanese, Norwegian, Esperanto, Spanish, French, and German. Stay tuned for more on the game, which will launch on Kickstarter early October.

Hoping you have a wonderful culturally filled day,