Essen 2016!

Yes, Spiel 2016 is just around the corner, and I couldn't be more excited. You will surely see frequent posts from Jordan and I on our experiences at Essen, but this is more of a little pre-game post from myself. 

As a strange juxtaposition to Jordan's recent travel post, I have to confess that I, unlike Jordan, never travel. Well never travel for entertainment or fun. Truthfully, I spend over 30% of my time traveling around the US, Canada, and Europe (mostly Germany), but all of that is for business. As Jordan can attest to, I am difficult to convince to travel, but there are two things that can get me on a plane: an awesome backpacking trip and boardgames.

Essen is the latter, and is a trip that I just couldn't turn down. Even though it is Dark Flight's first trip to the big game fair, I can only imagine the great people we will get to meet, the awesome games we are going to play, and all of the delicious German food we are going to eat. On top of the biggest boardgame convention in the world, we have an awesome concert planned, and the whole thing occurs over Jordan's birthday weekend, which just adds to the fun. 

If you are going to be at Essen, please do reach out to us, we would love to meet some of our supports and knock out a few games.